5 key ways to live a happier life

31 August

Each person’s journey to happiness is distinct, shaped by personal experiences, values, and desires. While certain factors that impact happiness might be beyond control, such as genetic predispositions or unpredictable life events, a considerable...[Read More]

Signs your loved one will benefit from living in an aged care home

10 August

Caring for someone in an aged care home can be a challenging and emotional experience, but it’s important to remember that you still have an essential role to play in supporting your loved one’s care. Here are some key points to consider to help...[Read More]

Rethinking Wealth: Beyond Money – The Evolving Concept of Prosperity

3 August

In today’s society, the notion of wealth extends beyond financial resources. As individuals seek a more balanced and fulfilling life, the concept of wealth has evolved to encompass various factors such as education, healthcare, job satisfaction,...[Read More]

Aged care task force considers all funding options

26 July

Aged care could require more people to pay for themselves if they can as an expert task force considers funding options to secure the sector’s future. But Aged Care Minister Anika Wells promised no changes would be made without public consultation...[Read More]

Simple penicillin test could help millions of people

19 July

About two million Australians think they are allergic to penicillin but the true number is closer to just one per cent of the population. Until recently, patients had to have skin scratch tests to see if they would have a bad reaction to the...[Read More]

Upping aged care dairy could save health system $66m

5 July

Australia’s health system could save an estimated $66 million a year if aged care residents upped their dairy and protein intake. Aged care homes would only have to increase the dairy on their menus by an estimated 66 cents per day, per resident...[Read More]

The Impact of Regular Exercise on Your Mental Well-Being

29 June

Health and fitness go beyond physical well-being; they also play a significant role in maintaining mental and emotional health. Among the various wellness strategies, regular exercise has been proven to have a profound impact on mental...[Read More]

Australian role in vital Alzheimer’s test breakthrough

21 June

Changes to a person’s retina could be an early signal of the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, according to a breakthrough international study helped by Australian researchers. The seven-year international study looked into shared molecular...[Read More]

Parents urged to vaccinate children against flu

21 June

Hundreds of sick children are ending up in hospital with flu, prompting doctors to urge parents to get their kids vaccinated for the potentially life-threatening virus. Doctors say a mild illness for an adult might mean hospitalisation for a young...[Read More]

Virtual reality therapy to become a ‘reality’

14 June

Virtual reality therapy may now become a “reality” for young people with mental health conditions including psychotic disorders. From simulating coffee shops to delivering a presentation, psychologists are trialling technology, combined with...[Read More]

Sea cucumbers may help prevent diabetes

7 June

Sea cucumbers, considered a delicacy by some, may play a key role in preventing diabetes, new research has found. Investigations by the University of South Australia found that processed dried sea cucumber with salt extracts could inhibit a compound...[Read More]

Australian-grown garlic could ward off COVID-19 and flu

31 May

Australian-grown garlic could hold the key to fighting off COVID-19 and the flu. The world-first research from Melbourne’s Doherty Institute found unique garlic varieties were able to reduce the infectiousness of the viruses by up to 99 per...[Read More]