Brain similarities for long COVID, chronic fatigue

Medical imaging has shown similarities between the brains of people with long COVID-19 and those with chronic fatigue syndrome. Researchers used the world’s strongest MRI, the ultra-high field 7 Tesla – one of two in Australia – to see whether the conditions...[Read More]

New device able to detect cancer cells without surgery

Sydney researchers have developed a new device that can detect cancer cells from blood samples, allowing patients to avoid invasive biopsy surgery. Cancer is a leading cause of illness and death in Australia, with more than 150,000 around the country every year. People...[Read More]

Staying fit and active ‘best way to stave off dementia’

Staying active throughout adulthood could help stave off dementia though even smaller bouts of exercise may help, British research suggests. A long-term study found that people who exercise as they age are more likely to have good brain health than those who take up an...[Read More]

Organ donors remain down compared with before pandemic

In the hours after a horrific accident that left Rob Clemmens’ wife Katie with no chance of survival, he made a decision that would go on to save the lives of strangers. The couple of 34 years had never spoke about organ donation but he knew his wife, who dedicated...[Read More]

All adults to be offered fresh COVID-19 booster

Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout is shifting towards a flu-style program, with all adults who haven’t had the virus or a booster in the last six months eligible for another dose. Health Minister Mark Butler said the government accepted advice from the...[Read More]

Australians roll up their sleeves for cancer patients

Australians have one more reason to roll up their sleeves in February, with a free designer bandage given to those who donate blood for cancer patients. Fashion designer Camilla Franks has teamed up with Lifeblood to create the limited edition bandage ahead of World...[Read More]

Medicare to undergo major funding overhaul

Nurses, paramedics and allied health professionals will soon be included in the delivery of primary care as Medicare faces the biggest overhaul in its 40-year history. Labor is preparing to open up Medicare to a wider range of medical professionals in a bid to save...[Read More]

Cheap monitors may stop COVID-19 outbreaks

Cheap carbon dioxide monitors in public spaces could help identify areas carrying a higher risk of COVID-19 infection, a new study has found. The research, led by Flinders University and the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, found the monitors...[Read More]

Aussies miss out on new medicine frontier

Many Australians are missing out on a new frontier in medicine, prompting experts to call for more to be done to improve equity in healthcare. Precision medicine personalises treatment by taking into account a patient’s genetic make-up, their environment and...[Read More]

New light therapy shoots down superbugs

A new light therapy can kill off some of the worst antibiotic-resistant superbugs in what South Australian researchers say will be a game changer for millions worldwide. The therapy, developed by the University of South Australia, has been found to significantly...[Read More]

Baby bonus to help families grow with IVF

Falling pregnant can be an emotionally and financially taxing experience for women accessing IVF treatment but a first-of-its-kind NSW government program aims to relieve the costs for expecting families. Women who have IVF treatments in private clinics can laim a $2000...[Read More]

Doctors concerned over antibiotic shortage

Australia’s peak medical body is calling on the federal government to consider onshore antibiotic manufacturing amid supply shortages across the country. More than 300 medications are in short supply, particularly treatments for strep throat and liquid antibiotics...[Read More]