Is your website working for you? Some questions to ask yourself

During this COVID-19 epidemic, we all have an opportunity to look at what we do, and how we do it like never before. Right now, many of us are forced to work remotely and choose to for a number of reasons and our digital assets need to work much harder. Your website...[Read More]

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Lawyer

Just like with some forms of insurance, most people don’t think they need a lawyer — that is, not until they do. However, if you look closely, there are actually many instances in life where you may find yourself seeking legal advice. Here are five reasons where...[Read More]

5 Couple Things To Do on Valentine’s Day

There’s no denying that Valentine’s Day is a romantic day for couples. However, it can also be fraught with stress if you don’t prepare or plan well ahead. If you need some great ideas on what things you can do with your loved one on Valentine’s Day, here are...[Read More]

Have you tried dollar cost averaging as an investment strategy?

Investing can be a challenging exercise, although the principle behind it is deceptively simple: buy when prices are low. However, this is easier said than done. Even seasoned investors who attempt to time the market to buy at the most advantageous periods don’t...[Read More]

Contractors Insurance – Have you got it covered?

Hiring a contractor or sub-contractor is often appealing to time-poor, cash-strapped small business owners. One big reason is that they take care of their own insurance (as opposed to the business owner having to provide coverage for them, as is the case with...[Read More]

When to lease equipment and when to buy it

Equipment costs can make a large dent in the budget of a small business. So, is it better to lease or buy what you need to operate? Given the circumstances of every business differ, there’s no simple answer to the lease or buy conundrum. But it’s worth considering...[Read More]

Oliver’s Insights – the RBA hikes rates by another 0.25% – are we there yet?

Key points – The RBA hiked again by 0.25% taking the cash rate to 3.35%. It continues to expect to increase interest rates further. -We remain of the view the cash rate is near the top as: rate hikes impact with a lag; inflationary pressures are easing globally...[Read More]

Webinars to help your business thrive

There are many online services and digital systems that can help you excel in your business activities and easily manage your tax and super commitments. Join our webinars to find out what systems are available for each area of your business operations and how they can...[Read More]

Job matchmaker uses machine learning to hunt best staff

A homegrown recruitment app with built-in machine learning could cut the hiring process from weeks to days for shops and cafes. The Hunt app launched on Tuesday uses matchmaking technology powered by machine learning to connect employers with jobseekers. Machine...[Read More]

Transparency to be first step to close gender pay gap

Employers will soon have their pay rates for male and female workers published in a bid to increase transparency and help close the gender pay gap. Minister for Women Katy Gallagher will introduce a law to the Senate requiring the publication of pay gaps in workplaces...[Read More]

Spare uni beds to be converted to emergency housing

Vacant university accommodation will be ready to use for emergency housing by midyear as some Queensland renters report weekly increase of $100 or more. The repurposing of 200 student beds at a Griffith University campus in Brisbane was among the measures announced...[Read More]

Drug study seeks to combat ovarian cancer chemotherapy

Treatment for ovarian cancer could come in the shape of small tablets in the future after researchers in Queensland were awarded a grant to investigate alternative approaches to tackling the disease. Ovarian cancer affected an estimated 1300 Australian women in 2022...[Read More]

Abbott joins contrarian climate think tank

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has joined the board of a climate think tank that he argues is not held back by “groupthink”. The contrarian London-based Global Warming Policy Foundation, founded in 2009 by former UK chancellor Nigel Lawson, says it aims to...[Read More]