Seven Ways Newsletter Marketing Still Works for Professional Services Providers

10 August

Marketing rules and tactics for providers of professional services (such as accountants, financial advisers, attorneys, physicians, and dentists) are often different from those for product and service marketers. Because reputation is everything...[Read More]

All Financial Advisers say they care about their client, but this needs to change.

12 August

by Steve Holmes Feedsy & SHMarketing&Design Over the years I have constantly heard Advisers state that they care about their client. I absolutely believe Advisers when they say this, and I am absolutely convinced that Advisers mean...[Read More]

Is advice is the “new black” post Royal Commission?

4 May

(Steve Holmes) OK, so we had the Royal Commission, it was bad for the reputation of the advice industry, and the effects will last for some time yet. As with most things, a few bad apples make it harder for those doing the right thing but there...[Read More]

Pause, reset and outsource

6 April

Steve Holmes I would love to keep in touch on LinkedIn:) I recently asked over 1,000 advisers, "are you OK?" We know it has been a really tough time, and even though I did this via an email list, I honestly do care. In that email, I...[Read More]

Barriers to getting financial advice – what consumers really think

2 December

REPORT 627: Financial advice: What consumers really think (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) August 2019   When survey participants (excluding people who had recently received financial advice) were asked to select reasons...[Read More]

The reasons people use financial advisers and how they chose one

2 December

REPORT 627: Financial advice: What consumers really think (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) August 2019 Reasons people use financial advisers Online survey participants were asked to read a series of statements about...[Read More]

It’s time to amplify the good news

2 December

(Steve Holmes) Dig up those client testimonials and amplify the good news about your advice. Blog and multi-share across all of your communication platforms. It's easy with Feedsy, but do it any way you can. 94% of advice clients are...[Read More]

Nine Cringey Mistakes in Marketing Writing and Content

3 September

Creating content that engages readers isn't easy, especially these days, when marketers are churning out content at a hectic pace to attract readers and viewers. But in our haste to create fresh, useful content, we can make mistakes. But our...[Read More]

Eight Tips for Making Email Campaigns Mobile-Friendly [Infographic]

3 September

Two-thirds of emails are now opened on mobile devices, and your subscribers are picky about the reading experience: Many of them delete emails that don't render well on mobile screens. And that's not the worst part: Some readers will simply...[Read More]

Showcasing some Financial Adviser Websites

13 March

We have had the pleasure of working with some quality Financial Planning businesses lately, they have entrusted us with building their dynamic new website. We wanted to showcase some of these advice businesses; their clients are lucky to have...[Read More]

Five reasons clients don’t refer and what you can do about it

31 May

(Steve Holmes) It is no secret that referrals are the preferred method for growing a business. Other ways of reaching prospective clients such as cold calls, networking and direct mail can be frustrating, unpredictable, time-consuming and...[Read More]

Tips for using email to build customer loyalty

23 July

(Steve Holmes) Many businesses put much of their marketing efforts into obtaining new customers—and understandably so. But acquisition isn't always enough. Customers who make a one-time buying decisions won't necessarily come back for more. If...[Read More]