Seven Ways Newsletter Marketing Still Works for Professional Services Providers

10 August

Marketing rules and tactics for providers of professional services (such as accountants, financial advisers, attorneys, physicians, and dentists) are often different from those for product and service marketers. Because reputation is everything...[Read More]

Five reasons clients don’t refer and what you can do about it

31 May

(Steve Holmes) It is no secret that referrals are the preferred method for growing a business. Other ways of reaching prospective clients such as cold calls, networking and direct mail can be frustrating, unpredictable, time-consuming and...[Read More]

Before building brand awareness, you need to assess brand value. Here’s how to do both.

12 June

(Marketing Profs) Imagine you're planning one of those epic cross-country road trips with your family. The group has picked out the various stops and activities along the way. And you've been tasked with charting the course and drafting a budget...[Read More]

Does your website or marketing activity convey your ideal client?

10 April

(Steve Holmes) When we work with clients on building their new website we always ask them to picture and then articulate their ideal client to us. On that note you may even like to see some of our latest websites here. An ideal client may be...[Read More]

A formula to establish centres of influence and referrers

10 April

(Steve Holmes) OK, in this article we are going to get straight to the point because I think we all know the value of a great referrer. It is the greatest compliment anyone can give your business. First, we need to define our value ...[Read More]

How to answer those tough pricing questions…

9 April

(Steve Holmes)   What is the true value of advice? Many advisers are still under under selling them selves and as a result not charging enough.   How much do you charge? The actual amount you pay for the advice and...[Read More]

Client research for advice businesses – we want to give you a set of questions to ask

9 April

(Steve Holmes) Conducting client research is a great way to learn what your clients think about your practice, and yes, if you are planning a client survey we have a proven set of questions to help you achieve some insightful client...[Read More]

Part 2 – Process for sponsorship programs (your involvement)

6 April

(Steve Holmes) Part 2: Your involvement   Remember that your association with a type of event will potentially impact how people in your local community assess the image of your practice. It can have a lasting impact. In part 1...[Read More]

Tips on setting a marketing budget

6 April

(Steve Holmes)   Introduction Setting a budget is an essential component of the overall marketing planning process. A budget enables you to: measure the cost of your marketing activity enable you to compare the return of your...[Read More]

Why social media is the same as being involved in a service club

8 September

(Steve Holmes)   Firstly, just a little bit of background, my Dad has been involved in an Australian service club called Kiwanis for over 40 years, and yes I have admired the many friendships he has developed over this time, many are his...[Read More]

How to harness testimonials in your marketing strategy

7 September

(Steve Holmes) If you are currently asking for testimonials you are 90% of the way there :) Before choosing a hotel room, you probably visited TripAdvisor. When you considered building that new deck, you likely went on-line or asked a...[Read More]

The biggest website mistakes

7 September

(MarketingProfs) Consumers say the biggest mistake a small business can make with its website is to include outdated contact information, according to recent research from Vistaprint Digital. The report was based on data from a March 2017...[Read More]