Client research for advice businesses – we want to give you a set of questions to ask

(Steve Holmes)

Conducting client research is a great way to learn what your clients think about your practice, and yes, if you are planning a client survey we have a proven set of questions to help you achieve some insightful client data.


Benefits to you

  • Useful in helping you to understand what is working and what isn’t workingAn effective way of testing new ideas. For example, the introduction of a new service offer or a new way that you plan on communicating with clients
  • A good way to find out how aware your clients are of your services
  • Ensure you keep your ‘finger on the pulse’ on client needs
  • Instant feedback if using online surveys such as survey monkey



  • Can be timely
  • Can be costly if you engage an external market research company
  • Conducting research from your own practice may skew consumer responses as opposed to outsourcing to a market research company



  • Consider the response rate of an external market research company versus in-house
  • Keep it simple, make it easy for your audience to respond
  • Incentivise participation
  • Be prepared for your practice to be exposed to key areas for improvement
  • If you are going to conduct client research, you need to ensure you have a robust process in place should your client ask to be removed from future research
  • This can be done by making a ‘file note’ on the clients file and updating email preferences. You then need to ensure if you conduct future research that this client is not included.
  • Use a business like Feedsy to distribute your next client survey to your chosen client segment.


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