Business interruption insurance

11 April

A crucial though sometimes overlooked safeguard, business interruption insurance provides financial protection for companies facing unexpected disruptions.   But who exactly is it for? The short answer: any business that wants to ensure continuity...[Read More]

A guide to hiring your first employee

10 April

So your business is getting so busy that you need a helping hand? Great stuff. Here’s a guide to hiring your first employee. Congratulations – hiring your first employee is a mammoth step in the journey of any business. It’s also a risky...[Read More]

Going out on your own: a guide to insurance for freelancers

4 April

There’s a lot to like about working for yourself, including freedom and flexibility.   But it’s not without its risks. Things can go wrong, and your income and personal assets could be at risk without the right insurance cover. In a worst-case...[Read More]

How to manage inflation in your small business

3 April

While inflation may have peaked, Australian businesses of all stripes are feeling the pinch, and there may be a long road ahead. Wages, energy, raw materials and services have all become more expensive. So has the cost of servicing debt for small...[Read More]

What insurance do events companies need?

27 March

Each event comes with unique risks, from corporate conferences to music festivals.  Weather disruptions, venue mishaps, supplier failures, and unforeseen cancellations are just a few pitfalls that could derail even the most meticulously planned...[Read More]

Protecting your business reputation and the role of insurance

27 March

When Saphia Smereka discovered her yet-to-open restaurant Kiki on Byron, at NSW’s popular Byron Beach, had received a series of fake, one-star-negative reviews in the lead-up to its doors opening, she perhaps wished insurance could have...[Read More]

How is artificial intelligence is transforming business insurance

20 March

Across Australia, businesses of all shapes and sizes are turning to information communication technology to automate repetitive tasks, reduce overheads and increase sales and profits.   So is the insurance sector. Eighty percent of local...[Read More]

How to prepare for unexpected risks: business survival guide

20 March

Most small business owners are born optimists. After all, why take the plunge unless you’re confident you can stay afloat? But positive thinking can only take you so far. To succeed in business and stay on course, you also need to think about what...[Read More]

Resilium Partners acquires two more ‘hub’ businesses

13 March

In keeping with its ambitious growth strategy, Resilium Partners (part of the Envest Group) have announced the successful acquisition of Victorian based Ensure Risk Solutions and Adelaide based Protectit Insurance Services. Click here to...[Read More]

A guide to insurance for your hospitality business

13 March

Australia is home to more than 30,000 restaurants, 28,000 cafes and coffee shops and 9000 pubs, bars and nightclubs.  If yours is one of them, you’re likely to be already familiar with some of the challenges that are part and parcel of...[Read More]

Small business insurance: things you need to know

6 March

Insurance can seem like a complex area, which is why it’s so important to understand the basics. Here, we explore some of the fundamental concepts that underpin most business insurance policies. An insurance policy has a number of different parts,...[Read More]

The danger of handshake agreements

6 March

Australians have always prided themselves on honouring the old handshake agreement. But unless you have agreements in writing, you might not have a proverbial leg to stand on. We’ve all done it before: you get a quote, you like what you hear and...[Read More]