Thor’s hammer strikes Brisbane’s streets

David Sigston

(Australian Associated Press)

Brisbane will have a visitor from the realm of Asgard next week as filming of Thor: Ragnarok shifts from its Gold Coast base.

While residents may be excited by the chance to catch a look at the superhero, or at least his alter ego Chris Hemsworth, commuters may feel like the city has fallen victim to Thor’s nemesis and god of mischief Loki.

Parts of Mary Street, Albert Street and Margaret Street in the CBD will be closed between Saturday and Thursday, potentially wreaking havoc on motorists and hurting local businesses.

“Deliveries, local traffic, businesses, hotel guests and pedestrians will still have access to business during these hours,” Asgard Productions said in a statement.

While the delays and closures are necessary for safety, the producers extend their gratitude and say they hoped to show the world how wonderful Brisbane is.



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