[FEEDSY PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT] Create printed newsletter in seconds with FeedsyPrint

With paper newsletters, some people say that print is dead. But is it?

We have spoken to many businesses who believe that some of their clients (and prospects) still prefer to receive newsletters and other communications on paper.

Maybe they’re right.

A report by the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) showed that 18% of people still preferred printed newsletters.

Not surprisingly, more wanted email newsletters (34%) and communication by other digital channels including social media and apps (24%) but the same report also highlighted that brands that offered more communication channels had higher customer satisfaction ratings – so a single silver bullet is not a wise strategy!

But putting together a printed newsletter (or even a fact sheet) can be a pain – right?

Not any more, with FeedsyPrint.

Feedsy is all about making things easy and beautiful for you and your customers.

So Feedsy made creating a printed newsletter with FeedsyPrint is as easy as …

1… Create a title (Eg Newsletter, Fact Sheet, Bulletin)

2… Create a edition or sub-title (eg June 2016, Invitation, John Smith, or leave blank)

3… Select article(s) from your FeedsyWeb (as many as you like in any order you like).

Then you get a chance to preview it and either print from your computer or download as a PDF* to print from later.

That’s it!

No more Word files.

No more publishing programs.

No more briefing a designer.

And because FeedsyPrint is so easy, it is also perfect for personalised on-the-fly fact sheets and hand-outs for client meetings, or even invitations.

Of course, the beautiful design of your newsletter shares the same branding and awesome reading experience as your other Feedsy channels.

TIP: Put your “printed” resources into Feedsy so they can be shared both digitally and on paper – all from the same place. No more hunting for PDFs* on hard drives and servers.

You’ll love just how easy FeedsyPrint will make your paper communications as much as it’s tiny price (oh and it’s free with all full FeedsyApps+Mail+Web packages too!).

Visit the Feedsy website for more.




*Important: we DO NOT recommend emailing your PDF because remember that PDF newsletters are evil!

If you want to email a particular article to someone you are better off simply copy and pasting the link to that story or creating a FeedsyFlash so they can have the optimal reading experience on any device that are viewing it on.


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