Chris Hemsworth’s voice beckons tourists

10.Chris Hemsworth_s voice beckons tourists

(Australian Associated Press)

Chris Hemsworth is encouraging tourists to “feel” his native country in the latest Tourism Australia ad campaign.

Lending his voice to the TV ad, which was released on Australia Day, the Thor actor narrates images of people swimming, coastal shots and the Sydney skyline.

“It’s different down here, the air just has more life in it,” Hemsworth says.

“Australia isn’t just a place you see, it’s a place you feel.”

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Previewed on the Today Show on Tuesday, the advertisement is part of a wider $40 million campaign which will be launched in New York on Australia Day.

Hemsworth was picked to spruik the benefits of getting off the beaten track after growing up surrounded by water in Victoria and the Northern Territory.

“I grew up surfing and I feel like most of my childhood was in the water, so I feel like I’ve got enough education on the subject to invite people down,” he said on the Today Show.

“Growing up in Victoria where you have the incredibly raw, rugged ocean and sea, and then you can go north with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, just the diversity of our coastline I think is unlike anywhere in the world and all of that is something I miss immensely when I’m away.”

Hemsworth will be heading back to Australia to work on the next instalment of the Thor franchise, which will be shot on the Gold Coast.


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