Nature repair bill passes after Greens agree to deal

6 December

Land owners will be able to be paid to improve the environment on their properties after the Greens struck a deal with the government on its proposed nature repair market. Under the scheme, which passed the Senate on Tuesday, businesses and...[Read More]

What to check before you borrow money or sign a contract

19 October

All lenders, lessors and finance brokers must be licensed by ASIC or be a representative of someone who is licensed. Search ASIC Connect’s Professional Registers to check your credit provider is licensed before you deal with them. Some...[Read More]

Critical considerations before setting up a board of directors

28 September

There are a couple of reasons you’d find it necessary to set up a board of directors in Australia. If yours is a publicly held company, regulators would require you to have a board of directors. Also, if you’re seeking funding from a venture...[Read More]