Monthly inflation ticks higher for second month in row

29 May

A larger-than-expected rise in prices was recorded last month, with consumers slugged with higher prices for essentials like groceries and health. For the second month in a row, the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ monthly consumer price index...[Read More]

The October 2022-23 Australian Budget

26 October

Key points Yet another revenue windfall and the offsetting of new spending with savings has resulted in sharply lower budget deficits this year and next, with the deficit this year expected to be $36.9bn (down from $78bn in March). This avoids...[Read More]

Market Update 30 September 2022

5 October

Investment markets & key developments Share markets fell sharply again over the last week in response to continuing hawkish central bank comments and rising recession fears not helped by a mini fiscal crisis in the UK. This capped of sharp...[Read More]

The RBA hikes rates by 0.25%. Here are five reasons why the RBA was right to slowdown and the top is near

5 October

Key points The RBA sensibly dropped back to a 0.25% hike this month taking the cash rate to 2.6%. Its still signalling more hikes ahead though. Slowing the pace of rate hikes makes sense: the RBA needs to allow time to assess the impact...[Read More]

Shares sliding again – what’s driving it and is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

28 September

Key points Share markets remain under pressure from high inflation, rising rates & bond yields and the rising risk of recession and the threat that poses to company profits. With the rising risk of global recession, global and...[Read More]