Oliver’s insights – seven key charts for investors to keep an eye on, Where are they now?

19 July

Key points Shares are at risk of a short term pull back and volatility will likely remain high on central bank and recession risks. However, we remain reasonably upbeat on a 12-month view as falling inflation takes pressure off interest...[Read More]

Oliver’s insights – 15 common sense tips to help manage your finances (11/7)

12 July

Key points Getting your personal finances right can be a challenge at times. Here are some common-sense tips that may be of use: – Shop around when it comes to financial services. – Don’t take on too much debt. – Allow for interest rate to...[Read More]

Oliver’s insights – 2022-23 saw investment returns rebound – but is it sustainable? (6/7)

12 July

Key points – After the rough ride of 2021-22, 2022-23 turned out to be a good one for investors as shares rebounded thanks to falling inflation and hopes rates are near the top. – Shares are at risk of a pull back as central banks remain...[Read More]

Oliver’s insights – Australian recession Q&A Why the worry? What’s the risk? And what would it mean for investors?

28 June

Key points – The risk of recession globally and in Australia has increased with ongoing central bank rate hikes. – Signs of faster wages growth has seen the RBA turn more hawkish. The risk of recession here is now around 50%. – Recession...[Read More]

Oliver’s insights – sell in May and go away? The worry list for shares (and the good news!)

31 May

Key points – Shares are vulnerable to a pull back in the months ahead reflecting the rising risk of recession on the back of central bank tightening and weak seasonal influences.  – Falling inflation should enable central banks, including the...[Read More]

Oliver’s insights – peak Australian home ownership Rising prosperity (and smashed avocado) versus housing affordability

24 May

Key points – Based on a Report by Bernard Salt, Australia’s home ownership rate peaked at 73% in 1966 as the home was then seen as synonymous with wealth and security. – Since then, the trend has been down, influenced by a combination of...[Read More]

Oliver’s insights – commercial property returns under threat

17 May

Key points – Australian unlisted commercial property returns have been very strong over the last two decades thanks largely to the “search for attractive yields” by investors. – With the back up in bond yields, this driver is reversing...[Read More]

The 2023-24 Budget – Return to surplus with fastest improvement since end of WW2, cost of living help but structural deficits remain (albeit smaller)

10 May

Key points – The budget this year is expected to return to a surplus of $4bn thanks to a continuing revenue windfall. – Key measures include cost-of-living support, more spending on aged care and a move to slow NDIS growth. – Implications...[Read More]

Oliver’s insights – Australian home prices

3 May

Here we go again! Prices look to have bottomed as the supply shortfall dominates, but watch rates and unemployment Key points – Australian home prices rose again in April & along with other indicators suggest the home price downturn is...[Read More]

Oliver’s insights – RBA review

26 April

it’s not clear the proposed reforms will lead to a better outcome for the Australian economy Key points – The independent Review of the RBA has recommended a significant change in the way the RBA does things in relation to the monetary policy...[Read More]

Oliver’s insights – investment outlook Q&A

19 April

Key points – Inflation is likely to have peaked and this means that central banks are either at or close to the top on rates. – The risk of recession has increased but should be avoided in Australia, providing the RBA is at or near the top on...[Read More]

Oliver’s insights – five charts on investing to keep in mind in rough times like now

29 March

Key points – Successful investing can be really difficult in times like now with immense uncertainty around inflation, interest rates, issues in global banks and recession risks impacting the outlook for investment markets. – This makes it all...[Read More]