Aussies react to Instagram’s ‘rip-off’

By Luke Costin

(Australian Associated Press)


Stories, Instagram’s latest feature, has been given scathing early reviews by Australian users who’ve labelled it ridiculous and a “Snapchat rip-off”.

Instagram users can now post images that time-out within 24 hours – a feature Snapchat introduced in 2013 and also called Stories.

Instagram, a Facebook subsidiary, says the new update “lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile”.

But its similarity to Snapchat has not gone unnoticed by Australian users.

“It’s a rip-off of Snapchat,” Wentworth Memes tweeted on Wednesday.

Australian user Maree, 17, tweeted that having two apps doing the same thing was confusing.

“It’s essentially copied the Snapchat concept, everything about it: the text, the doodling,” she said.

“Snapchat has always been about the temporary pictures whereas Instagram has always been more permanent.

“Now that’s kind of changed and it’s a bit weird.”

The fledgling feature does, however, have the support of some popular users.

New York-based Australian model Zanita Whittington posted pics and videos to her 320,000 Instagram followers using Stories.

She was walking her dog and later dining at the Rockefeller Center.

Fashion blogger Helen Lee tweeted: “Makes life easier if you manage a few social media channels already.”

As for what’s next, author Marc Turner thinks he knows what Instagram might have in the pipeline.

“Don’t worry, Instagram will soon have a Pokemon-finding feature,” he tweeted.



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